Bangalore Drupal Meetup - July 2018

Drupal experts from all over Bangalore participated in this month’s Drupal meetup held at 91 Spring Board, Koramangala on the 28th of July, 2018. It was a lively and interactive session that saw great participation from all and also gave a chance for the Drupal community members to meet and exchange ideas. Such meetups not only help Drupal enthusiasts to expand their horizons but also allow beginners to appreciate the power and versatility of Drupal.

This month there a huge number of RSVPs for the meetup which was ~100. So, 100 people showing interest in the meetup is great. Even though we don’t expect to have the 100% attendance of the RSVPs we were expecting a good number. The total number, around 34, was actually good where it was a full house. More importantly, the diverse organisation membership of the attendees was really impressive, which is a good indication that more and more organisations are getting involved with the community for the betterment.

The meetup started at 10 AM which Taher kickstarted with a round of introductions from the attendees. It was great to see a lot of people for whom this was the first meetup. This clearly shows the Bangalore Drupal community is getting bigger and the adoption of Drupal is growing. After the introduction, Taher starts the meetup with a quick session on the latest happenings in Drupal. He touched the points like the upcoming Drupal 8 version and what are the changes in it, ContentaJS and upcoming Drupal events.

The first session of the meetup was by me where I spoke about “Improving you Development Workflow”.  I spoke about the different sections of the Development component and what tools can be used for an optimal process of development touching pointers like Docker, Vagrant, Composer workflow and Deployment steps. You can find the slides here:

Following this was a very inspiring topic by Parvateesam, where he shared his journey in Drupal. He explained why Drupal contribution is important and how it can help to grow your career. It was a really encouraging session because there was a good number of people who joined the meetup for the first time and I hope this will motivate them to continue coming to the meetup and strive for the growth of the Drupal. Parvateesam shared his stories on how he started his Drupal contribution, what obstacle he has faced in his journey and how he overcame those. Now he is one of the top people in the Drupal Bangalore community and has given a bunch of sessions in camps all over India. Other Drupal contributors also shared their journey with Drupal. I believe a session on such a topic should be there to keep people motivated to look forward to the next meetups.

After the two sessions, there was a coffee break sponsored by 91Springboard Axelerant. It was a good time to interact with new people and grow the networking.

After the short break Napolean gave a session on a very interest topic on deploying Drupal websites with ease. So, Napolean and his team built a SASS platform called Rollout which is intended to make a click enabled deployment for Drupal projects on any hosting provider. He gave a good demo on how to we can incorporate Rollout in our project and publish a release of a demo project which was hosted on Digital Ocean droplet. The session concluded with a small PHP website being deployed seamlessly on the server.

When Hussain took the stage spoke about Drupal Governance it intrigued a good discussion around the future of Drupal. He started with why the Drupal Governance task force was initiated and what is the main objective of the task force. Hussain has a set of questions which were open to the people. An interactive discussion started with pointers like

  • What governance mean to you?
  • Time when governance worked well.
  • Concerns in the current governance.
  • A situation where an incident occurred and you were not sure what to do.

A healthy discussion happened over the topics and people responded very well putting their views and concerns for the better future.

Lastly, we had a group photo which was followed by Pizza refreshments sponsored by Axelerant. Everything wrapped out around 2 PM. I would like to thanks 91 Springboard for providing the venue to organise the meetup, Axelerant for the refreshments and organiser for their effort make this meetup a successful one.

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